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Valulytics uses data analytics to help you benchmark and accurately value your bank and to help you identify and accurately value the best, most strategic acquisition targets.

Valulytics Valuation, Benchmarking
and M&A Consulting

At Valulytics, we specialize in bank financial analytics and bank valuation geared to the stock market. We provide our customers with proprietary analytics and tools that allow them to generate reports and business intelligence to improve operations and profitability.

Bank Valuation

Our Bank Valuation reports are backed by an analytical process and statistical knowledge that reflects the reality of the Fair Market Value of a bank, including “comps” – not just an 80% of capital calculation.

Benchmarking & Analytics Subscriptions

Complete five year “horizontal and vertical analysis” deep dive report of financial and loan data and fair market value history along with quarterly benchmarking data for any U.S. bank from our extensive historical database.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We can serve either side of the M&A transaction – to help a bank choose the right acquisition target to support their strategic growth; or help a targeted bank obtain the most statistically precise fair market value they bring to the deal.

Valulytics services can be purchased as part of a consulting service contract or as an individual valuation report download.

Our Method

Banking is an industry built on numbers. Yet when it comes to Bank Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Benchmarking, many banks fall short because they don’t have real-time access to the data they need to confidently and precisely analyze and respond to the marketplace. 

At Valulytics, we compiled a database of 5000+ banks that tracks, trends, conducts “what if” scenarios and compares key performance indicators, ratios and social/economic risk for any bank in our database. We harness this data using our proprietary algorithm to provide consulting and reporting services that let our customers identify the best acquisition targets, establish a statistically precise fair market valuation of their own bank that includes “comps”, and benchmark their bank’s performance against banks that are similar in terms of location, size, portfolio, and features.  

Explore the Valuation Services we provide, including Bank Valuation, Benchmarking and Analytics, and Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting.

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